Villa Consultation Service

In partnership with another specialist in the field, I offer a villa rental consultation service that provides solutions for the owners by identifying the needs of the guests.

We know the holiday home rental business intimately and we love what we do. We understand, first hand, both sides of the playground, and we set out to provide practical yet exceptional advice for you, the owner, to achieve the ultimate in satisfaction for your discerning guests.

This is a one-off consultation service and most of our recommendations will require minimal financial output. However, there is an option of return visits and updates, if required.

Specialists in our field

We have many years of experience in the review and promotion of luxury holiday villas for marketing agencies, villa management companies and real estate companies, as well as for print and online media. We are well qualified because we have stayed overnight in several hundred rental villas in Bali, Lombok and Thailand, and have visited as many more, providing feedback to the owners and management companies, writing villa website texts, and producing honest, personal and objective reviews for a major Southeast-Asia-based villa marketing company.

Our services to you – the villa owner

We are diligent at listening to the expectations and critique of villa guests, and we are quickly becoming regarded as the local experts when it comes to the needs of potential guests seeking a quality holiday villa rental experience.

The luxury villa rental market is continually evolving. We constantly monitor the market, specifically looking to identify any changes in market trends that will directly affect your business as owners. With that knowledge at hand, we are able to provide recommendations with the potential to maximise your villa rental income.

We want to help you to benefit from your holiday rental property. We understand that each villa is different and therefore calls for individual strategies and a precise approach. We tailor each consultation to suit the individual property. Our mission is to deliver an optimum result in accordance with your particular requirements and budget limits. No detail is left to chance.

We invite you to explore what we have to offer. Our consultation service will enhance your ability to yield profits from your villa, and to bring you return guests.

How it works

We do the footwork for you. We stay one night at your villa, ‘mystery/secret shopper’ style so that the manager and staff think we are bona-fide guests, and we then provide you with a full, six-page written report plus a comprehensive in-villa directory/guidebook for guest use. We assess/critique everything in the following categories and provide our feedback and recommendations.

Staff: We check standards of service, cleaning, command of English, friendliness, and the way in which the manager and staff relate to us as guests, as well as anticipating, reacting and responding to our needs or requests. We then assess any areas in which further staff training might be required.

Facilities: We look at all the facilities and provide our recommendations on what else should be included. A lot of villas have expensive facilities but lack the basics.

Amenities: We provide recommendations on what should be provided (chargeable or otherwise) and how it can be done.

Communication between owners and guests prior to arrival: We will provide you with some tips.

Menu: We look at the menu and food-purchase system and provide recommendations.

Design: We look for potential hazards, inconveniences, or design faults such as air-conditioners that blow directly onto the bed, floors that are slippery and maybe dangerous when wet, glass doors that kids might run into, steps or raised ledges that people might trip over.

Maintenance: We check and report back on any maintenance issues or teething problems ranging from leaks to cracked tiles to doors that are difficult to lock.

Technology: We will report back on our findings regarding all forms of technology within the villa, with our recommendations.

Furnishings: We point out any furnishings that are impractical, uncomfortable, hazardous, or not big enough to accommodate all the guests. This also includes accessories, and amenities such as bathroom products.

Target market: We look at the villa’s attributes such as family-friendly, especially good for kids, close to the beach, close to the action, beautiful views, equal bedrooms making it suitable for groups, suitable for elderly guests, weddings, disabled-friendly, or designed for honeymoon couples, golfers, or participants in yoga retreats. We then look at the specific needs of those specific groups, including non-English-speaking guests. Additionally, by ascertaining the target market we can then provide our recommendations, so that you can really promote it as such and advertise on specialist sites.

Immediate area: We consider everything within a 500m radius that guests should be aware of. This is about managing guest expectations so that they know in advance what to expect and won’t be disappointed. This includes everything from a noisy/ugly construction site next door, to a busy main road, a dark and unlit (or potholed) access road, or a noisy nightclub.

General Location: As professional writers and contributors to international and local guidebooks and media publications, we can lay claim to an extensive knowledge of Bali and Lombok. We are well informed about the history, culture and places of interest, as well as the outdoor activities, sporting facilities, restaurants, spas and shops in each location, and we are keen to share our knowledge of each area with visiting guests.

We look at the location of the property and the in-villa needs of the guests due to that specific location. We provide full details of everything to see and do within the general area: a list of restaurants, bars, shops, attractions, supermarkets, ATMs etc. Plus activities that are further afield such as golf, theme parks, diving, day tours etc. This information goes into the villa guidebook but can also be used on the villa website if required.

Value for money: Our recommendations about the villa rates.

Guest services: We recommend any additional (extra cost) guest services that can be offered. We also offer a personal concierge service for guests.

Directory: This is an in-villa directory/guidebook for guests to read and refer to while they are in the villa with instructions on how to operate the electrical appliances, general information about Bali, the culture, what to see and what to expect, emergency phone numbers, advice on how to call a taxi, where to buy a mobile phone SIM card, phone numbers for restaurants, information on sightseeing tours, adventure tours, activities and theme parks. It also includes a little bit of information about each member of staff to help guests remember their names and relate to them.


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