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Thanks so much for your wonderful and personal article "SEEKING
ALHAMBRA...IN MALTA". I spotted it in the Travel Tales section of the
Bali Advertiser. Lucky me! I clipped the article, and have enjoyed rereading it during my last 5 weeks in Bali. I loved the sense of discovery and delight I felt while reading it and felt I was on the adventure right along with you. I was also inspired by your interview, in the same issue.


Subject: RE: Komodo interview published in Exotiq magazine

Many thanks, reads really well!

Tony Wheeler

(Co-founder Lonely Planet)

Rachel, I have just cast my eye over that copy and it looks absolutely fabulous. You are the only writer so far who seems to have managed to read the whole brief and file the copy exactly as it should be. Is it too early in our relationship to say I love you? Well, your writing at least. Work like yours just makes my job sooooo much easier.

Nobody does it better! Makes me feel sad for the rest.



Love it! Well written and inspiring!

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I love the way you have crafted the words together! I think the new text we will be using is "perfect".

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Hey Rachel, i love the article! thanx a lot! Antoine

Great job. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Great article. Love to put it on website. Justine

Dear Rachel, Thank you so much for your beautiful words. The design of the 4 pages is also perfect. It was a pleasure to see you at the studio and to show you my work. It was a good time. Thank you again. All the best, Jean-Philippe.

Rachel, it’s fabulous!!! makes me want to go there as a shopper! thankyou so much for capturing the essence of this place and presenting it in such an enticing manner.


Thank you so very much for your beautiful article. I just got the magazine. You have done a really great job. The article is very nicely written, and you have managed to catch very much of my story in a beautiful way. I am very happy. Thank you so much. I like the way you write, your words. Excellent!

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Rachel, this article is the most beautiful one ever done among all articles ever done on all the Tugu properties since we opened the very first time!


I finally read your article. Had heard it was a great piece and now I can attest to that myself. Thank you for writing such a personal and enticing article.

Yesterday was my birthday and let me tell you that you made my day. The article is really well done! thank you very much,

FAB!!! Love it!! Thanks!


Your article is beautiful and really clear how you describe everything.
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Read your article. Great stuff, hope you live your dream.
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You won’t believe how much impact your article had. We got several reactions from people from all over the world who read it. Everybody loves the story, including Jenny and me. Although we know the story of course, you helped us reminding how special it is. So thanks again.

Tjeerd and Jenny

The article is truly wonderful and I truly believe that you have captured everything there was to say about our restaurant.

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Many thanks & well done!
It reads beautifully...

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What a fab article you have done very nice, you are an excellent writer.


Thanks for the great story. You really are a master of the craft.


Thank you so much for your write up and the time you took to get to know our villa. I love the way you organised the story and the enthusiasm with which you wrote it. Thank you for your work.

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THANK YOU!! I am very impressed with your writing. I can see that you also read all the books that I lend you, so you can truly grasp what I wanted to say. Of all the articles written about my shop, yours is the best so far.

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You are fantastic, I love it, indeed you have saved my day....Many thanks..

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Thanks for the great write up, i really appreciate your writing style and ability plus obvious talent for this article.



Read your article. Great stuff, hope you live your dream.
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