Editing and proofreading

Good advertising and good English go hand-in-hand; therefore your written and online material should reflect the values and standards of your company and the quality of the products and services that you market. Businesses depend on razor-sharp editing and proofreading to attract consumers to buy their products and services. Just one right or wrong word in just the right or wrong place on a page can either attract or repel a client. A well-polished document can make the difference between a business that flourishes and one that falters or even fails; potential customers may not read beyond the first few lines if the words lack clarity, succinctness and impact.

Failure to spot mistakes without proofreading can be costly and embarrassing, as the meaning may be lost entirely if your work is not correctly edited and proofread. Allow me to spot the mistakes before it’s too late. My priority is to find the simple spelling and grammatical errors as well as complicated errors in syntax, which will lead to a much better document. My editing service will tighten sentence structure, trim excess words, and cut out jargon and repetition. My aim is to get your text polished to the point where it is errorless, clear, consistent, accurate and compelling.

Many of my clients are non-native English speakers who do not always have a full grasp of English grammar and spelling, which consequently leads to mistakes in their work. I have considerable experience in proofreading and editing material of this nature.


Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much for your wonderful and personal article "SEEKING
ALHAMBRA...IN MALTA". I spotted it in the Travel Tales section of the
Bali Advertiser. Lucky me! I clipped the article, and have enjoyed rereading...